About Us

Our aim is to quantify and predict the extent and spread of unregulated logging in Tanzania’s coastal forests and to empower policy makers and local communities with knowledge resources to safe-guard forests and improve livelihoods.

We are a group of organisations, including:

The project is made possible thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Key Staff

Antje Ahrends_Sq

Antje Ahrends, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

William Kindeketa_Sq

William Kindeketa, COSTECH

Davd Harris_Sq

David Harris, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Isaac Malugu, WWF Tanzania


Shabani Soah, COSTECH


Canisius J. Kayombo, Forestry Training Institute Olmontonyi

Nicole Gross-Camp

Nicole Gross-Camp, University of East Anglia

Neil Burgess

Neil Burgess, United Nations Environment Programme, World Conservation Monitoring Centre

sarah-freemanSarah Freeman, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh photo_lasimanzaoLasima Nzao, University of East Anglia